Yet Another Classic Sudoku

Download Classic Sudoku Game FREE! Play sudoku daily to train your brain and keep it sharp. Try your hand at easy sudoku level, then try various sudoku strategies to solve the most insanely hard sudoku puzzle. This is an old-time favorite number puzzle that everyone in the world loves. If you ever tried kakuro or other similar number puzzles, you will fall in love with our Classic Sudoku Puzzles! No need to count. This is not a math puzzle but just a simple brain test to test your logic. Download our FREE sudoku Puzzles now!

How to play Sudoku: Every column, row, and 3×3 grid should have a number for 1- 9 and the number should not be repeated. We have added some numbers on the grids as clues. The more clues, the easier it is. Easy sudoku is great for practice. Insanely hard sudoku only have very few numbers. Solving sudoku is very fun and addictive. Once you get a hang of it, you will want to keep playing.

Classic Sudoku is a game similar to Japanese Kakuro game. This is a logic puzzle and brain test for people who want to keep their logic skill sharp. This game has very clean layout and design so you can feel relaxed as you play. You can play sudoku daily and access all the free sudoku puzzles in our app. You can play this number puzzle anytime and anywhere you want.


  • Classic brain training & brain test for people of all ages.
  • No calculation or counting needed. Simply use your logic.
  • Hints to help you out when you’re stuck
  • Logic puzzle with 4 difficulty levels.
  • Clean, modern, and relaxing game design & environment.
  • Simple, responsive game control.
  • Play Sudoku daily
  • Try out different sudoku strategies to solve this number puzzle.

Four Level of Difficulties:

  • Easy Sudoku
  • Moderate Sudoku
  • Hard Sudoku
  • Insanely Hard Sudoku!

If you are a beginner, start with the Easy Sudoku level to test the water and to see how the game is played. Our Free Sudoku Puzzle has hints to help you out. Don’t be shy to use Hints when you’re stuck. You can use mental note or you can use paper note for solving Sudoku. Don’t be frustrated when you fail. Try other sudoku strategies and keep trying. Even the most seasoned sudoku game players will have hard time solving sudoku on the Hard and Insanely Hard Sudoku. Let us assure you that even solving sudoku on easy and moderate level is quite good! Especially if you only depend on mental note. Since you can play sudoku free anytime you like, try it again and again! Never give up and you will surely get better at it. Then you won’t have hard time solving other number games such as kakuro and the likes.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Sudoku Game FREE and Play Sudoku FREE now.